HR Assessment

Be proactive in protecting your company from litigation.

Nothing in the business world is static

In todays fast-paced business landscape, it can be difficult to maintain a competitive edge that separates you from your competitors.

We can help you find out how

We let you know where your company stands.

An HR Assessment from us will provide your organization with the following reports:

Immediate Action

Your company is currently in violation of existing regulations or missing important policies.

Points that need your immediate attention. Often times your company has grown and with it come new responsibilities.

Enhance Equal Employment Opportunity Policy to include new regulation definitions

Modify Sexual Harassment Policy to include procedures and forms for witnessing or experiencing sexual harassment

Replace Timekeeping, Overtime, Meal Periods Policies, and Administrative Pay Corrections with Safe Harbor Policy

Reducing Exposure to Litigation

Your company may run into noncompliance issues in the future.

Protect your business from potential legal issues by implementing policies before a problem arises.

Combine Drug and Alcohol Use, Drug Testing policies, and Security Inspections to a Drug-free Workplace Policy

Replace Computer, Internet and Email Usage with an Electronic Communications Policy

Problem Resolution Policy – include rights, responsibilities and procedure, timeline

Recommended HR Strategies

Attract top talent with expanded benefits and employee programs.

Your company should do more than just stay compliant. Attract and retain the best by offering programs that go beyond legal requirements.

Charitable Contributions Policy

Stress management (massages, pedicures/manicures)

Training (allowed to attend a seminar of employee’s choice)

Whether you are looking to stay compliant with ever-changing laws and regulations, seeking to retain top talent at your company, or just want to ensure that your business is running as efficiently and effectively as possible, we can help you gain a clear picture of where you currently stand and offer advice for your next steps.

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