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HR Strategies will develop an organization's human resources foundation and processes, the right way.

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Here are the included Essentials:

Employee Handbook

Develop a company handbook to ensure compliance with all Federal, State, and local employment and labor laws.

HR Practices

Develop process based on industry best practices.

Job Descriptions

Evaluate and revise companywide job descriptions to ensure FLSA compliance.

Orientation / Onboarding

Assimilation of employees with a company and its culture, from the offer to one year of employment.

Compensation and Benefits

Review current benefit programs and make recommendations for cost savings and improvements.

Performance Management

Develop a program that ties into the organizations Mission, Goals, and Objectives.

Startup or Established Business, we can help.

Whether you are a new company or an existing company, we will develop the HR infrastructure to support your current and future business needs.


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